Military Shipping Policy

Shipping Address Guide For APO/DPO/FPO

Military and diplomatic address must follow guidelines:

  • APO: Air or Army Post Office,
  • DPO: Diplomatic Post Office
  • FPO: Fleet Post Office.

To make sure that your military and diplomatic mail is sent without delays, confirm that your order's shipping address format satisfies the following guidelines:

  • The Name field must contain the recipient’s full name, rank is optional.
  • The Address field must include the recipient’s unit and box number in the following format:
    • Air Force (APO): PSC # Box #
    • Army (APO): Unit # Box #
    • Embassy (DPO): Unit # Box #
    • Navy (FPO): Ship # Hull #
  • The City field must contain either APO, DPO, or FPO to route packages as the military mail instead of international mail. The city shouldn't be the actual destination city or to the Military Post Office (MPO).
  • The State field must be either AA (Armed Forces Americas), AE (Armed Forces Europe), or AP (Armed Forces Pacific). The state shouldn't be the actual destination state.
  • The ZIP Code field must be a military postal code, not the destination postal code or billing zip code. Military postal codes are matched to the state code in the following format:
    • AA state zip code begins with 340
    • AE state zip code begins with 090-099
    • AP state zip code begins with 962-966
  • The Country field must be US or United States.

For examples of correctly formatted military mail addresses, refer to the following table:

Air Force (APO)

Army (APO)

Navy (FPO)

Embassy (DPO)

SGT James Lee
PSC 1234 Box 12345

LT Kim King
Unit 54323 Box 938

CPT Brent Doe
USS Hornet DDG 45

Clint Smith
Unit 8100 Box 221

Frequently Asked Questions

Please notify your soldier that they should expect a package!

The package may be routed through the bases mail system and delivered directly, or it may need to be picked up at the mailroom / local military post office.


How are the packages sent?

All APO/FPO/DPO orders are sent insured via the US Postal Service (USPS) Priority Mail. Government regulations do not permit delivery services such as UPS / FedEx to deliver to APO/FPO/DPO addresses outside the U.S.  USPS Priority Mail delivery outside of the U.S. requires customs paperwork, which Butter Maid Bakery handles for you.


When will the package arrive?

Government regulations require that packages be mailed through USPS (2-3 Day to the departure city here in the U.S.), and are then sent to the Military Postal Service Agency for delivery. Most orders arrive within 6-10 days of order placement. However, because Military mail is transported to remote and war-zone locations, you should allow a minimum of two weeks for normal overseas delivery and up to 30 days.


How do I know my package will be delivered?

Since all packages are forwarded to Overseas Military Mail for delivery, it's not possible for us to verify the delivery or obtain a return receipt. You are shipping at your own risk. However, we do ship with insurance - so you will be covered if the package is lost.