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About Us

Consider me as your dream companion. Daydreaming in the moonlight and conquering the sunshine. I am a Military Veteran who centered my dreams around people smiling wide and loving the skin they are in!  I am a Holistic Educator and Formulator, working on an emphasis that people of all ages should step their games up when it comes to nourishing the largest organ of the body. I find pain whenever I see young souls putting their bloodstreams in danger for not being educated enough on what they do with their skin. I am working hard to turn this into a satisfying dream.

As a little girl who grew up in the Caribbean, I had the experience of spending a lot of time in my grandmother's garden. It was filled with herbs..fruit trees, vegetables, leafy greens, chickens, geese and goats. It was then, I realized that I was meant to love natural choices. 

When I joined the military, I traveled to many countries on military assignments.  Access to natural products to care for my skin was very limited.  I had sensitive skin and my skin started to break out with acne, and then I was challenged with seborrheic dermatitis!!!  It was dreadful, I was embarrassed to go out in public with my face looking two colored like that.  I started wearing a lot of makeup and concealer to try to hide the imperfections, but it was so bad, people could still see it to a point.  I spent thousands of dollars going to dermatologists, but nothing worked.  It wasn't until I returned to the islands, my Uncle (inspired by my grandmother) whipped up a natural concoction and gave it to me to use on my face.  My face started getting better in a few days, then, I went to my Aunt on another island, and she gave me a blend of teas to drink, within weeks my face was so much better, and eventually, I didn't have to wear makeup to go out in public!!!  What a relief!!!  Now, I want to help women with sensitive skin care for their skin naturally, so they don't have to go through what I went through; and if they are experiencing some sort of challenge that is making them lack confidence.  I want to help them overcome this as soon as possible.

How realistic is my dream?

"I’m on a self-care spree today. I need some quiet time, a lavender candle, a rose-water mist, a honey body oil, some air freshener, and an essential oil. But I can’t quite find a store nearby that sells all of them.  Maybe, I’ll go scrolling online.  Sadie posted that their candles are divine, and Mia received compliments that she smells glorious because of the butter.  I'm going to try this store and see if these testimonies were real.”  She added what she needed to her cart. Today, Cecilia is one of the loyal customers of Stacey's Naturals.

I do my own little dance when strangers buy from me. I get excited for them to receive my products. At the same time, I am hopeful that they love what I see as a dream.  At Stacey’s Naturals I'm always excited but never anxious. Why?  I poured my soul into every candle that you burn, into every bubble that you lather, into every butter that you rub, and into every oil that your skin absorbs. I daydream that every time you use my items, your souls also delve deep into the oceans of happiness and freedom.  With these dreams in place, I make sure that my ingredients are cultivated from the finest and were only touched and tested on humans, my closest family members!

You can reach me at 954-695-8458 or email me at You can also find my products by visiting 11654 Quail Roost Dr. Miami FL 33157.