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April 04, 2021 2 min read

Look into the word soufflé in the word reference, and you'll think of a standard definition: 'a light and feathery heated dish made fundamentally with beaten eggs'. The soufflé consolidates the extravagance of the egg yolks and whites, made light and breezy when they're whipped. The idea driving body soufflés is the same. 

You're correct! Your skin smelling flavorful and palatable is the thing that we're going for! This super lavish, amazingly feeding, whipped skin soufflé contains hostile to bacterial, against maturing and cancer prevention agent properties and has been figured to hydrate and fortify skin, battle the impacts of maturing, diminish the presence of stretch imprints, keep up skin's versatility, decrease aggravation and shield skin cells from harming free extremists. Every fixing has been sourced from around the world for its mending and reparative properties. This mix will leave your skin feeling relieved, profoundly hydrated and spoiled. 

Here are five reasons you should utilize it: 

1) Body soufflés mix all the fixings well, and have a vaporous, beaten surface. So you don't have to stress over that layer of oil causing exorbitant oiliness. 

2) They contain more hydrating fixings than moisturizers or creams, and are effectively consumed by the skin to sustain from where it counts inside. 

3) The word soufflé comes from the French word 'souffler', which intends to relax. The body soufflé does precisely that—the equation ensures that your pores are not obstructed after application, and your skin is permitted to relax. 

4) Body soufflés will in general utilize regular oils like almond, argon or sunflower as the base. So you're guaranteed of various different advantages, alongside hydration and saturating. 

5) Since they are lighter than body spreads, you can utilize them all the more as often as possible—double a day or more—for ideal advantages. 

On the off chance that you have dry skin: Use a body soufflé with shea spread or cocoa margarine as the base, and one with a thicker consistency. 

On the off chance that you have typical skin: Use a body soufflé with almond or argan oil at its base, with a scramble of mellowing rice wheat. 

In the event that you have slick skin: Use a body soufflé with a tenderly fragrance oil of your decision, alongside alleviating fixings like aloe vera.

Stacey’s Naturals lightweight souffle leaves your skin supple and luxurious, this is made with the finest natural ingredients. It works wonders for the skin as it balances the pH of the skin. This is really perfect for men and women who want a natural moisturizer that saturates the skin and makes it supple.  It can be used every day after a shower and works amazingly on dry skin too.

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Stacey's Naturals
Stacey's Naturals