Herbal Pillow Talk

Herbal Pillow Talk

The herbal pad, commonly known as herbal pillow is loaded up with the most perfect of common grains, sweet-smelling herbs, and fundamental oils, every one of nature's healers. It very well might be utilized as a hot or cold pack to successfully alleviate pressure and muscle agonies and help you loosen up. 

Herbal pillows have been around for many years (since at any rate the sixteenth century, most likely prior). They were once utilized generally by specialists as an approach to mend patients with a wide range of illnesses. They've likewise been utilized generally to avoid insidious spirits and instigate dreamy dreams. 

These pillows, additionally called "rest pads" or "solace cushions" are not equivalent to eye pads. Eye cushions are weighted with dried beans, flax, or popcorn and regularly scented with dried lavender and lavender fundamental oil. The heaviness of these gives tension on your eyes and an unwinding experience notwithstanding the fragrance based treatment. 

At the point when Heated ~ It requires one moment or so in a Hot Towel Cabinet or moderate heating element (not the oven). Our herbs are blended with the ideal measure of rice which adds common dampness to the pads. The heaviness of our pads are another vital factor for solace and restoration. 

Spot on the Forehead/ Neck/Spine/Belly/Glands/Joints and Muscles. Do not put on eyes. 

Headache: Cool in Freezer for strain cerebral pains and headaches. Warm for sinus pressure. Spot on brow. 

Stressed : Use warm and tenderly apply to your neck and shoulder zones. Rests and relax. Hard time dozing around evening time? Spot your home grown pad in the microwave, heat, place on brow or chest territory and float off to rest. 

Colds /Flu/Bronchitis:  Use warm and apply to the chest region. 

Lymphoma: Place warm pads under your arms and ears focusing on your organ territories. 

T.M.J: Place on side of face~ focusing about the ear, organs and cranial territories. 

Pre-Postnatal :warm and used for comfort. 

Arthritis: Place warm on excruciating points

Pool Side Pampering/ After Sports/Cool and Refresh 

In the advanced world, it very well may be trying to get a decent night's rest. Keeping a sound daytime way of life just as a quieting evening custom are incredible approaches to set up the body for tranquil rest loaded up with energizing and moving dreams! There are even practices in which spices are utilized during rest, not exclusively to achieve serene napping, yet in addition to make striking, clear dreaming scenes sure to bring satisfaction, as opposed to sleepiness, to your waking state.  Find a quiet and relaxing herbal pillow experience when you click on https://www.staceysnaturals.com/products/product_34d0d6f0-9b0b-530d-5ac2-702628404ca0

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